Yoga classes in English                                                 tuesday 11.45-12.45                              please pre-register !

Yoga classes in English


My intention is to guide students through a fun, calming practice, leaving them feeling relaxed and balanced. I help students to focus on the present moment, leaving the external world behind. 


Each class contains Meditation, Pranayama and Asana practices. Some classes will be physically more challenging than others. Many students find Asana practice an effective way of becoming more aware of their body´s signals, and connecting their body&mind through their breath.




5-classes-ticket: 45,- € + 5,-€ for the current donation project of Yoga Mitte Koblenz 

(ticket is valid for 2 months).

Drop In: 10,- € + 2 € donation for the current donation project of Yoga Mitte Koblenz


For further information and your registration for "Yoga classes in English" please send me an e-mail: